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MEGAHost FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hosting Account Questions
Technical Questions
Support Questions

Hosting Account Questions

Q. Are there any setup fees for my account?
A. NO, we do not charge any setup fees.

Q. Can I pay via Credit Card?
A. YES. We operate an Online Secure Payment Centre protected by 128-bit SSL encryption should you wish to pay via credit card.

Q. What about billing, how do I pay for my account?
A. We will send you invoices via email before your fees are due. You may pay these invoices by cheque, automatic payment, online bank transfer or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

Q. Who handles the domain name registration fee?
A. At the time you set up your account, you can elect whether you wish us to transfer an existing domain which you currently own, or get us to register a new name on your behalf. If you choose to register a new name, you will be sent a bill for $55+gst directly from Domainz which is your responsibility to pay. We do not charge any additional fees for this service.

Q. What if I want to cancel my account?
A. Just send through a Technical Support Request requesting the cancellation of your Hosting Account.

Q. How does your 30 day money back guarantee work?
A. In the event that you become unhappy with our services within 30 days of your account activation, simply send us a Technical Support Request asking us to cancel and refund your money.

Q. Do you allow "adult" sites?
A. No, we do not host adult sites or sites with any illegal content.

Q. What is your policy on "spam," or unsolicited email?
A. The sending of unsolicited commercial email, or "spam," is strictly prohibited. We have a "zero tolerance" policy on spam, and reserve the right immediately to terminate without warning any domain, without refund, that sends out unsolicited commercial email, in any amount.

Technical Questions

Q. Do you charge for traffic?
A. NO. So long as your web site does not consume more than 20% of our resources or exceed 10 gigabytes of traffic per month there is no problem. It would take an extremely big site to come close to doing this. None of web sites that we currently host come anywhere near to these levels.

Q. Do I get my own static IP Address?
A. YES. MEGAHost Web Hosting runs a full features hosting service, not a virtual directory based system popular with other budget hosting companies. You receive a permanent, static IP address which is linked to your domain.

Q. Can I run an e-commerce site using my account.
A. YES. Everything is provided for you to have a fully secure ecommerce account up and running with no extra charges. We provide access to a 128-bit secure certificate from Thawte so your pages can be called via HTTPS:// format.

Q. What about a shopping cart system?
A. YES. We provide access to a fully featured shopping cart program called Alacart. You may choose to use this or purchase and upload your own shopping cart software.

Q. Can I get Telnet access to my server account.
A. YES. You will need to request this access and we need to be sure that you know how to use Telnet responsibly. You will also need "Secure Shell / SSH" software to access your account with Telnet.

Q. Can I have multiple domain names on one account?
A. YES. These are called domain pointers. There is a charge of $10+GST per pointer per month. You can have as many domain names as you like pointing towards the same domain.

Q. How do I set up email accounts with my domain?
A. One account is automatically set up when the domain is set up - However, you are entitled to 200 additional POP3 email boxes free of charge. You simply go to your control panel (at the address we provide in your welcome letter) and use the facility for creating new email accounts and managing existing accounts. Each email box has its own password, so you can setup as many users as you have available mail accounts.

Q. What about Email Autoresponders?
A. Email autoresponders are very useful in Internet commerce. Essentially, an autoresponder is a robot which resides on your site, and does one thing - when it receives an email - from anywhere - with its name on it - it sends its text back to the source of that email. Uses for these little robots are limited only by your imagination. The control panel makes it a breeze. You just open up the Mail Manager and select the email account you wish to add the responder to and it will open a text box for you to type your message.

Q. How do I get access to traffic statistics for my site?
A. Very easily - simply access site statistics from your control panel. You'll find detailed reports in various formats on your traffic, including where hits are coming from, at what hours of the day, month, etc. Also you'll be able to tell which files are being requested. Essential for fine tuning your web marketing strategy!

Q. Do you support CGI Scripting and Server-Side-Includes (SSI)?
A. YES. You have access to your own CGI-BIN directory and can manage permissions of files, scripts etc. SSI scripting is also supported.

Q. Do you support Site Server, ASP pages etc?
A. NO. Site Server (E-Commerce Server) and ASP pages must be run on Microsoft platforms and MEGAHost servers are currently all running Linux.

Q. What about Microsoft Frontpage?
A. MEGAHost servers support the Microsoft Frontpage HTML Editor and Publisher by allowing you to install Frontpage extensions in the control panel. However, we do not provide technical support for Frontpage - it is simply provided as an additional utility for those already familiar with this program and who wish to continue using it.

Support Questions

Q. How do you handle technical support?
A. We have put a tremendous amount of time and effort in the implementation of our Online Support Manual. This manual will assist you in the setup and maintenance of your web hosting account. We ask that all clients refer to this manual prior to contacting our Technical Support Staff. In the event that they are unable to locate the information they need, they can submit a technical support request utilising our Online Technical Support Request Form.

If you wish to view the online manual, please send a message requesting access via our Contact Form.

Q. Does it take a long time for you to answer support request?
A. General support requests are answered within just a few hours while more technical issues can take up to 24 hours. We pride ourselves on quick responses to technical inquiries.

Q. Can you help me with my HTML, CGI programming, etc?
A. Time permitting we give advice via email on these issues but remember, we are providers of webspace and can help you with 'content' only as time permits.

Q. What does "24/7 FTP Access" mean?
A. This means that you have access to your site via FTP over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can "upload" files to your site - in other words, transfer files from your computer to the MEGAHost webserver on the Internet - and you can also "download" files from your site - in other words, transfer files from your site on the MEGAHost webserver, to your computer.

Q. Do you have an 'uptime' guarantee?
A. Well, nothing is certain in life and there are lots of things that can happen on the Internet to block access to a site, but we do our best to keep our servers up and running 99.5% of the time. The other .5% is usually for very brief periods of maintenance and wherever possible we provide advance notice.

Q. Where are you located?
A. MEGAHost is a division of MicroTech® Limited and is a wholly New Zealand owned IT business. We maintain our servers at a secure, professionally monitored facility in Marylands, USA.


300 Megabytes
200 Email accounts
Control Panel
Redhat Linux
SSL Certificate
Protected Directories
200 Mailing Lists
Full CGI Access
24 hour FTP Access
Unlimited Traffic
Own IP Address
Remote WebMail
Anonymous FTP
Frontpage Support
Shopping Cart
MySQL / PHP v4
Perl Support
PGP Encryption
Daily Backups


Redhat Linux





Microsoft Frontpage